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March 13th : Tango Foundation class and guided Practica

7.30pm - 8.30pm: Foundation class

This class continues with the theme of connection in the dance, specifically direction of intention and disassociation - these are fundamentally important concepts.  Leaders will need to lead accurately, but this is not particularly difficult, mainly requiring awareness.  Followers will need to pay careful attention to exactly where the lead is and mirror that accurately; extremely satisfying when you get it and one of the joys of tango!  Master these techniques and a whole world of tango possibilities will be open to you! 

8.30pm - 10.00pm: Guided Practica

One class: £6 (£5 concessions), Class and Practica: £7 (£6 concessions), Practica only £2

Music for the week is Poema by Canaro