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It's all about the ochos ....

IT was wonderful to see everyone practice the back ocho in last week's class and put it into the dance. People coming along to our Tango Foundation course are building up their dance repertoire really nicely.  This week we are exploring both ochos again and this time adding a parada -a stop -to add another element to the dance dynamic.  And last week at our Tango Dynamic class was all about the back sacada.  This week it is all about exploring the cross and playful variations from the cross.  So see you all at Tango Aberdeen, St. Margarets Hall this Wednesday.


7.30 - 8.30 Tango Foundation Course

8.30-8.45 Time to Practice

8.45-9.30 Tango Dynamic Class - five pounds or 4 pounds concession

9.30-10.00 Let's Dance