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Tango Aberdeen is ready! Are you?

This week's classes we are keeping with the 'theme' of musicality and bring you Milonga!  

Now, some of you may be a little confused as there are two definitions of the word 'milonga' - the first is the place to dance tango socially, and the second is a form of dance.  We are therefore having our classes on the topic of the dance milonga.

Milonga can be described as a dance with cheekiness and is often reflected in the amusing lyrics to match the fun spirit of the dance.  Milonga need not be a fast dance and is usually danced with smaller steps to a 2/4 rhythm.

At 7.30pm for the Foundation class Fiona and John will teach the traspié - cut step, and for the Dynamic class at 8.45pm they will show how the back ocho can be danced in milonga.  (Check out our Classes page to see the level of dancer for each class).