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Two workshops and a Milonga, with special performance on Saturday 24th of June, by


Supported by Tango Aberdeen


MIRIAM AND DANTE have become known for their passion of teaching and dynamic, expressive performances.  They are currently based between London and Oxford and, as well as teaching weekly classes in Central London, are directors of the biggest tango school in the UK, comprising of two thriving tango academies;  The Northern Tango Academy, and Oxford Tango Academy.  They have been guest artists in tango schools, milongas, and festivals across the world.

MIRIAM AND DANTE have been working on their pedagogy over the last eight years and have developed a unique method for learning using conceptual explanations as well as detailed technique and some anatomical explanation.  They have had the opportunity to study with some of the important and respected maestros in Buenos Aires and have adapted and adjusted key concepts based on their own twelve years of dancing experience and professional training. Their backgrounds and their trajectory are quite different from most dance couples which give them a unique pedagogical approach - which they are always excited to share with their students.  Their teaching approach has been described as inspiring, warm, and constructive, and they enjoy discovering the best way to analyse movements and clearly explain technique to each student in the best way for them.

They look forward to sharing their tango journey with you!

Workshop 1 (1pm to 2:30pm) -  Women’s and men’s technique, including exercises for developing confident walking, pivots and dissociation.  No partner required.   Suitable for all dancers except the complete beginner.

Workshop 2 (3pm to 4:30pm) -  Musicality in tango - recognising phrases, semi-phrases and different rhythms. How to apply pauses and double timing.  This workshop is suitable for those who have a good understanding of the foundation of tango and are able to dance confidently and with a good connection with their partner.

Workshops Venue - Northern Hotel, 1 Great Nothern Rd, Aberdeen AB24 3PS


Milonga with DJ Dante, including dance show performance - (8pm to midnight)

Evening Venue - Aberdeen Squash & Racketball Club, Cranford Road, Mannofield, Aberdeen AB10 7ND.  Note:  The Aberdeen Squash & Racketball Club is located in the West End of Aberdeen, just off Great Western Road.  The car park and entrance is accessed via Morningside Lane, just off Cranford Road.


£18 per workshop (£15 concessions)

Milonga £10

2 Workshops and Milonga £41 (£35 concessions)

Contact and Bookings: