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Our last 2 weeks before the Easter break

Come join us this Wednesday, 22nd March. Our post beginners drop-in class is going to explore the basic 8 step with an emphasis on musicality.  It's a great dance move to help you develop your repetoire on the dance floor. 7.30- 8.30. Then you can have a little practice from 8.30 till 8.45 until the improver/intermediate class starts at 8.45-9.30.  This is our last improver/intermediate class this terms as we are having a Practica next week.  So come and join us explore and have fun with Tango...(five pounds for one class and 6 pounds for 2).


After our Easter break starting on Wednesday 19th April, we are delighted in bringing you teachers Fiona and John.  They are going to be teaching for a term-Drop in classes, no need to book (five pounds or 4 pounds concession) (6 pounds for 2 classes or 5 if concession)

Tango Foundation-These classes cover the basic principles of tango dancing, teaching you how we move and connect, tango techniques and a range of core steps. Ideal for the absolute beginner as well as those wanting to continue to explore the fundamentals and who want to revise aspects of their tango dance.(7.30-8.30)

Tango Dynamic.  These classes are designed for those who are confident with the foundations of Tango and who want to continue to work on and explore some of the main elements in tango dance, improving connection, technique, musicality and social dance skills. (8.45-9.30).

Something to look forward to after your Easter break.