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This was our 5th week of our beginner's course

We introduced the back ocho to our beginners and it was great to see them begin to practice it and use it in their dance.  This week the beginners course continues 7.30-8.30 then 15 minutes practice time.  And then we will have the improvers/intermediates class at 8.45. until 9.30. and of course as usual 9.30-10.00 Just Dance.

We wanted to keep you updated as to the Tango timetable for the next couple of months.  From Wednesday 8th March we will have a four week drop in class for Post beginners where we will explore new elements of the dance as well as play with the fundamentals such as ochos and the giro.  Everyone who has done our beginners course or has a grounding of Tango, will be welcome to come along (this block won't be suitable for absolute beginners). This will be at 7.30-8.30.  And we will continue with an improvers/imtermediates class from 8.45 as usual. Then we will have a 2 week break for recharge our batteries to get ready for a new term of classes.