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Yes, it's nearly time to welcome the brilliant Jenny and Ricardo Oria to Aberdeen.

This coming weekend we have some wonderful tango lined up for you.  Two days of Argentine tango workshops presented by the fantastic Jenny and Ricardo.  We still have places available for couples on all the workshops, and if you are a leader there could be a place for you too! Get in touch with us via email:

Jenny and Ricardo are a talented and inspiring Argentine tango couple. They have been based in Scotland, Edinburgh, since 2002 where they run their tango school. They are often to be found in different places giving workshops and performing Argentine tango. These include towns and cities all over the UK, Europe, USA and Argentina.

Jenny and Ricardo’s style of dancing and style of teaching is Tango de Salón, which is Tango for the dance floor. They are friendly, approachable, detailed in their explanations, and attentive to the group and the individual. Their love and commitment for the dance is clearly visible in the way... they work together. 

Saturday evening we have a lovely Milonga when you will be able to dance the night away, from 8pm until 12.30am, to the wonderful tunes of DJ Thomas Meyer.  Tom plays traditional music, mostly from the Golden Age. His inspiration has been taken from the wide variety of DJs he’s heard from across the UK, Europe, and Buenos Aires, from which he has developed his own style and approach. His aim is to develop an energy and feeling in the Milonga that makes people want to dance, and to share in a musical journey for the evening.

Check out our newsletter of 29 September for full details of the weekend!

The whole weekend takes place in the ballroom of The Station Hotel, Guild Street, Aberdeen.