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We are so pleased to welcome back the fantastic Jenny & Ricardo Oria to TANGO ABERDEEN.

Jenny and Ricardo are a talented and inspiring Argentine tango couple. They have been based in Scotland, Edinburgh, since 2002 where they run their tango school. They are often to be found in different places giving workshops and performing Argentine tango.  These include towns and cities all over the UK, Europe, USA and Argentina.

Jenny and Ricardo’s style of dancing and style of teaching is Tango de Salón, which is Tango for the dance floor. They are friendly, approachable, detailed in their explanations, and attentive to the group and the individual. Their love and commitment for the dance is clearly visible in the way they work together. Their performances have been described as pristine, glowing, full of warmth, spectacular, engaging, joyful, spellbinding, with deep simplicities, and skilful.

The weekend starts off with workshops on Saturday 12 November. At 8pm we open up the dance floor for you to dance the night away, until 12.30am, at our traditional Milonga, with a very special performance by the fabulous Jenny & Ricardo. We continue with workshops on Sunday 13 November and will finish off the weekend with an afternoon Mini Milonga from 4pm to 6pm.

The whole weekend takes place in the ballroom of The Station Hotel, Guild Street, Aberdeen (if you wish to stay overnight there are special rates - just mention you are attending our event). (Please note that as there are renovations taking place at the hotel the car park is not in use. 24 hour parking is available in Union Square.)


SATURDAY 12 November
12.30pm - 2.00pm
Tango Lego – the magic of improvisation in tango combining elements to create your dance.

2.15pm - 3.45pm
Changes of front with sacadas – social ways to combine sacadas with turning movements, while we dance on the dance floor.

4.00pm - 5.30pm
Vals – contra movements and accents.

SUNDAY 13 November
10.30am to 12noon
(All levels)
Less is more – Small beautiful things. Practical ideas for a better connection & musicality

12.15pm to 1.45pm
Calesitas Galore – social and beautiful merry go rounds. Direction, impulse and balance.

2pm to 3.30pm
Rhythmical variations and dancing to faster orchestras. Exciting combinations, footwork and energy with the music.

1 workshop £17
2 workshops £32
3 workshops £47
4 workshops £58
Workshops to be paid in advance (details of how to make payment will be given once your workshops are confirmed).

Saturday Milonga £10 entry on the door
Sunday Mini Milonga £3 entry on the door

You are welcome to book as an individual or as couples – although booking as couples makes our job easier. (Workshops will be restricted to a maximum of 16 couples.

Send your name(s), email address(es), and choice of workshops, along with dancing as leader or follower to

To enhance the teaching experience for everyone, please make sure you attend workshops for the right level of your experience.