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Embrace, connect and dance to the music - the language of Argentine tango!





It's all about the ochos ....

IT was wonderful to see everyone practice the back ocho in last week's class and put it into the dance. People coming along to our Tango Foundation course are building up their dance repertoire really... (more)

Saturday 21 October - Two workshops and Milonga!

It's a CELEBRATION OF ARGENTINE TANGO!   Bookings are open and we need 'Leaders' to book as we have a few 'Followers' looking for partners! It's going to be a great day of tango with workshops... (more)

Back ochos and back sacadas this week.......

What a great week we had last week in both classes..... the dance floor was really buzzing. It is week 4 already for our Tango Foundation course. Last week we introduced you to the front ocho and now... (more)

Call out to followers at Tango Aberdeen for the Tango Dynamic class...

We had a great week last week with the Practica and its was lovely to see so many of those attending our Foundation course take to the dance floor and practice what they are learning.  We at Tang... (more)