Welcome to Tango Aberdeen

Excuse me dance for Adrian


Embrace, connect and dance to the music - the language of Argentine tango!





Call out to followers at Tango Aberdeen for the Tango Foundation class........

Last week was a wonderful class but we were missing followers for the Foundation class. So come along this week and learn all about the sacada! And hook up with some wonderful leaders.  The Tango... (more)

Thanks so much to John and Linda for stepping in last week-they are stars. Mike and Laura are back as normal this week.

And its all about the Sacada.  Tango Foundation class we will explore a simple sacada from the ocho. Then at the Tango Dynamic class we will continue exploring and unlocking this lovely little mo... (more)

So its all about the parada, passada and boleo this week.......

Yes, we are exploring the parada and passada this week int the Foundation class. and our Tango Dynamic class is focussing on the boleo. So come down to St. Margarets Church Hall the Wednesday and enjo... (more)

Practica and Barridas this week.....

Yes its Practica week this week from 8.30-10.30.  This is your chance to practice your moves in a friendly and relaxed environment with Mike and Laura on hand for the first hour for any Tango que... (more)