Tango Aberdeen Classes

If you want to try Argentine Tango or refine your dance then come along to Tango Aberdeen on Wednesdays.  Absolute beginners are most welcome as are those wishing to learn new moves, work on technique and practice in a friendly and sociable environment. 


We begin our classes again on 16th January and the format this term is alternating our Tango Dynamic class with Practicas. Our first week is Foundation Class then Practica and then the next will be 2 classes-alternating like this until the end of term.


7.30-8.45 Foundation Class - This is a drop in class and suitable for beginners including absolute beginners and those wanting to refine their tango. We will cover important technique such as connection, embrace, the all important tango walk, as well as different moves so that your tango repertoire developes. Only £6 (£5 concession). 

8.45-9.45 Tango Dynamic class. This class is for those who are confident with the basics such as ochos, giros and the cross.  Each class we will explore a different theme, or move and help you refine and focus on improving your quality of movement.

Our Practicas - are the opportunity to dance to good music and practice your moves in a friendly and relaxed environment.  We have practicas every second week as we alternate our Tango Dynamic Class with them.  Cost is 2 pounds.  And we have special Practicas at the end of each month when we open up the dance floor from 8.30-10.30 and we provide fantastic music and light refreshements and nibbles. 3 pounds for the end of month practica.



Only £6 (£5 concession) for 1 class or £7/6 for both.


 About our classes 

Our classes are taught in a friendly, relaxed environment and you don't need to come with a partner. We focus on the technique of Argentine tango rather than learning set routines or patterns, as Argentine tango is an improvised dance (not to be confused with ballroom tango!).  We suggest you wear comfortable non-rubber smooth-soled shoes and comfortable clothing.


St Margaret's Episcopal Church hall, St Margaret's Brae, Gallowgate, AB25 1EA.



About our teachers

Teachers this term 


Fiona and John

Fiona and John have been dancing tango for a number of years, teaching in Aberdeen and Forfar.  They visit Buenos Aires on a regular basis, where they study tango at Estudio Dinzel, and regularly increase their knowledge by attending various workshops in the UK. 

Their enthusiasm for the dance is obvious and infectious, and John's knowledge of tango music is vast.