Welcome to Tango Aberdeen

Festive Milonga December 2012


Embrace, connect and dance to the music - the language of Argentine tango!





It's all about the rhythm of Milonga this week

Fiona and John are teaching Milonga for both classes this week. So come on down to Tango Aberdeen and get your Milonga rhythm on.  ... (more)

Explore the cross and the ocho cortado whilst exploring the musicality of the vals this week.....

Come join Fiona and John on Wednesday to learn and explore about the music of the vals.  Both classes will look at this wonderful music whilst concentrating on different moves in each class. The... (more)

John and Fiona are exploring the giro and sacadas this week with you all

So come along to St. Margaret's Church Hall this Wednesday. The Tango Foundation class is all about technique and the giro.  Followed by the Tango Dynamic class where they will be exploring sacad... (more)

We are exploring the back ocho and the americana this week.

We hope you all enjoyed the Practica last week.  This week Fiona and John are teaching 2 classes. For the Foundation class its all about the back ocho and for the Tango Dynamic class it is 'exper... (more)