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It is Practica time on 22nd February 2017 8.30-10.30

It is the monthly Practica from 8.30-10.30pm.  This is a chance for you to practice your Tango moves in a relaxed, friendly and social space.  With good music and some nibbles and refreshmen... (more)

This was our 5th week of our beginner's course

We introduced the back ocho to our beginners and it was great to see them begin to practice it and use it in their dance.  This week the beginners course continues 7.30-8.30 then 15 minutes pract... (more)

This week with Tango Aberdeen.....

It is week 5 in our beginner's course and we are going to be learning about the back ocho.   For our improver/intermediate class we will be exploring barridas and passadas. So see you at St.Mar... (more)

Another night of classes on Wednesday 1st February 2017........

We had such a lovely time last week at the class and Practica and it was great to see the dance floor buzzing.   7.30-8.30 This week we have the beginners course now in its 4th week (now full) a... (more)