Welcome to Tango Aberdeen

Festive Milonga December 2012


Embrace, connect and dance to the music - the language of Argentine tango!





We have only 2 weeks left until the end of term...

This week at our Foundation course we will introduce you to the cross. An important move that will give you lots of possibilties in the dance. Then our Tango Dynamic class we are continuing with the c... (more)

It's the turn of the turn this week

Both classes we are exploring the 'Giro' or turn this week. For the foundation course we are introducing you to the media luna-half turn. and then its playing with the direction of the giro in the 2nd... (more)

Come in from the cold and come dance.

Sorry to have had to cancel last week due to weather. To make it up to you all those who paid up for the course can get the first class of next term for free.  Let's make up for our missed week a... (more)


So we are cancelling Tango tonight. So many of you guys come from the shire into Aberdeen and we dont want you travelling in rubbish conditions.  For those who have paid for the course you can co... (more)