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Laura & Mike


Embrace, connect and dance to the music - the language of Argentine tango!





Wednesday 10th Oct is our last class of Foundation course and its a guided practica too.

What a fantastic term of dancing and teaching we have had. Our last class of the Foundation course is on Wednesday and we are going to do paradas. Then we have a guided practica from 8.30-10.00. Every... (more)

2 taught classes this week 3rd October 2018 with Tango Aberdeen.

Yes 2 taught classes this week. After a brilliant night with Milena Plebs last week-its back to our usual format with Mike and Laura teaching the foundation course and tango dynamic class.  The f... (more)

We are so excited to be welcoming Milena Plebs on 26th for a special workshop

Tango Aberdeen are really looking forward to welcoming Milena Plebs to do a speical workshop on 26th September at 8.30-9.45. Followed by a fantastic Practica until midnight.  Only 8 pounds or 6 p... (more)

2 taught classes this week 19th September 2018

This week we continue with the Foundation Course and Tango Dyanmic class.   7.30-8.30 Foundation Course we will go over what we have done so far, exploring connection, walk, front ocho and intro... (more)